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50% of the population is negativada – Who began many years offering the credit for Mother Credit was Maria Lorena, in a time that few institutions risked to lend money to people with dirty name, being in the square and with several restrictions in the credit report of the Serasa, FSS Bank and Jahuys, credit protection bureaus that are requested when some type of financial service is activated.

Compare loan to negative

Compare loan to negative

Today the business world and online personal loan websites have become vast and intimidating for those who do not know how to look for or research good credit opportunities and companies that will actually deliver on the promised one. If you are looking for negative credit to take out an online loan, you probably have no idea where to start and Credita is not the only one who lends money to anyone who is negative.

But its alright! If you are here it is because you have considered turning to Google to help you find a reliable and safe loan company, but this may also be a mistake for your pocket, however, this article will somewhat ease your demand for personal credit for those who are negative.

Negative – Decide how much you need in cash

Before you even start looking for alternative options for loans at Credita interest rates, you need to stop and think about the amount of personal credit you need, and then find out on the lending platforms how much they lend to only after a request they inform How much can you take. 

There are probably understandable reasons to be wanting to make a negative credit, most Brazilian citizens are still skipping because of the crisis that hit some sectors, unemployment or excessive debt. No matter, if you have decided on this type of loan then be prepared to pay interest rates close to 19% a month or more for negative employees.

Credit simulator for Mother Credit


To facilitate your account, see here in the loan simulator to negatively how much you would pay on loans with this interest rate. Simply put the desired amount, the number of months and the rate that the financial is applying in the offer you found. It is worth remembering that this negative credit calculator does not calculate the CET, nor any extra fees that the platforms usually charge for the intermediation service.

Negative credit platforms and websites have their own formulas to determine how much they are going to lend, the trick is for you to make it more likely that if you get approved for a loan, you can repay the payments without getting defaulted or debtor.

Simple is an online personal loan company that provides and provides cash credit with the application of interest to web users who are restrained and financially difficult   24 hours a day, 7 days a week without bureaucracy and for the whole of Brazil.

In general these people want to make loans for negatives, they search the internet for this type of transaction because traditional banks and financial institutions do not evaluate their CPF’s without consulting the SPC and Serasa . You can get loans from $ 500 to $ 3,500. The interest rate is fixed at: 15.8% per month + rates + IOF

What is MoneyLoan? MoneyLoan is a loan platform

money loan

It is a Fintech that performs financial services. In this sense, the company acts as a correspondent bank of Sonical SA – and grants through its application and website through the internet loans of values ​​ranging from the value of 200 reais to 3000 reais – the terms for payment starts in 3 months and goes up to 12 months. Interest rates vary between 11.7% and 15.7% per month

The financial Credita makes it easy to take credit for negatives your website works both in the computer version and with applications for smartphones, both free. The user registers, chooses the desired credit service and confirms the request. The answer is quick. The interest rate per contract is variable according to the term, but can reach 19.37% per month for up to 12 months to pay.

The two best alternatives to Credita are MoneyLoan and Simple, there are other lending platforms like the P2P lending loan or the lending communities that are already starting the peer-to-peer lending to negatives. This means that the bank will likely put as much emphasis on your personal credit score as on your company’s creditworthiness.

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